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We’re an agile team of multidisciplined creative experts.
Building lasting relationships with our clients is our way of business & we are proud to be serving them repeatedly over the past years in Web Design, Mobile Solutions, IOT, BRMS and BPM technologies.
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We deliver
  • AS-IS Landscape Assessment
  • Consulting Study
  • Road Map Definition
  • Rules Harvesting
  • Process Modeling & Simulation
  • Rules Orchestration
  • Implementation
Analytics & Reporting
  • KPI Identification & Measurement
  • What-if Analysis
  • Value Realization
Our Specialty
  • Managed Services
  • Onsite-Offshore Model
  • Center of Excellence
  • Assessment and envisioning
  • Governance and architecture
  • Help Embrace SOA-Based Integration
  • Integration of Disparate Systems
  • Business process implementation
  • Business Automation
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • B2B and legacy application integration
  • Monitoring/Dashboard
  • Implementation (SOAP/REST)
Our Specialty
  • Managed Services
  • Onsite-Offshore Model
  • Center of Excellence
  • Connected Things Strategy
  • IoT Solution(s) Roadmap development
  • Product Ideation
  • Market Study & Feasibility analysis
  • Embedded hardware and software design
  • Integration of IoT Framework
  • Application, Device enablement and management
  • UX Design and Visual Design
  • Cloud enablement
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Device Testing
BI, Analytics
  • Predictive and Big Data Analytics
  • Data Discovery
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Marts
Our Specialty
  • Managed Services
  • Onsite-Offshore Model
  • Center of Excellence

We live by it

About Us

Headquartered in New Jersey, U.S., AgileRules combines a passion for client satisfaction, intensity to win, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise,and an unyielding integrity. The AgileRules founders have a long history of working in senior IT management roles for large corporations where IT is notoriously difficult to deliver well. During that time they realized that having Web based solutions available in all digital platforms enables the business users and end customers to use them more effectively. Business Rules Management Systems along with BPM flows embed 'intelligence' into IT in a way that enables direct control by the operational teams.

Srinivasan Sethuraman

Srinivasan Sethuraman


Every one of our customers is different and we know how to get the most out of their brand.

Srini has been in the software industry for about 20 years. He has an extreme penchant for technology and provides great in-sights over a very broad range of areas. His pet peeve is "automating the solution providing" and has seen considerable success in reducing the time required to provide end results in many projects by automating the code creation process. He is certified in various Java Technologies, Project Management, Database Administration, BRMS& BPM. .
Srini founded and is running a Websphere BPM User Group in the NY/NJ area.

Malini Krishnamurthy

Malini Krishnamurthy


Our websites aren't the only things that engage, we deliver successful brand and web & BRMS solutions.

Malini has been in the software industry for about 20 years providing end-to-end solutions in varied domains. She has been a solution provider, project manager, database expert and Quality auditor (ISO, SEI CMM) during these years. Her experience includes consulting, new product development and converting large legacy systems to latest technology. Problem solving, quick turnaround and adapting to change are her key qualities leading to success. She is certified in various Java Technologies, Project Management, BRMS& BPM.

We love
what we do
Innovate, Excel and Repeat

Our process

When starting any project, planning is a key phase and often overlooked by teams to go into design quickly.But AgileRules will guide you through and take care of the process. You have to remember your solution is not for you but your potential customers or business users, so the first thing we look at is your target audience. We offer two styles of working – full service where we take responsibility of research and analysis for your needs or collaborative development where we work with your team to do the research and analysis. Defining goals and suitable calls to action comes next along with mapping out a user journey or a complete process.

The team at AgileRules have extensive experience of delivering IT architecture solutions. Our aim is to simplify the complexity of technology decisions and to provide clear and appropriate solutions. Our consultants work in the ‘real world’, where they understand that often architectural solutions cannot be ideal and that you may have to work with a number of constraints, such as limited funds, poor quality data and legacy systems. We can help you find the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Our management team is keen to “automate the process” at every chance possible and always encourage innovation and code reuse. Because of that, we have several “starter-kits” in many technologies that our team can use to kick start a project. Our developers have high standards of originality and ethics and that every solution out of our doors is state of the art, market ready and well tested.

Going live is just the first phase and on-going analysis and improvement is a must for any successful application. AgileRules will help in analyzing the ROI on your investment.We will perform what-if analysis, identify your KPIs and analyze your data to improve your application’s performance and help you tighten your processes and flows.

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` is changing and here's why

Most people know that web design changes like the wind. New technologies and browser version updates allow web designers like us to experiment and launch new and exciting animations and interactive features all the time. This new found interactive and engaging web has changed the way we approach web design jobs. We don't just do web design anymore, it's simply not enough.
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New perspectives, New Solutions


Today's healthcare organizations are challenged by a changing landscape that requires a dramatic evolution of business process and technology investments. AgileRules helps healthcare organizations design and implement business-driven technology solutions that provide instantaneous access to patient and clinical information, streamline core business processes such as eligibility, referrals and claims, and improve interactions with patients/members, physicians, administrators and partners.

AgileRules has the discipline to be nimble, efficient, creative and precise in a consumer-driven industry where the demand and cost for healthcare is rising. We are committed to serving our clients and partners with superior business and technology consulting, application development and system integration services to achieve quality and value. Our healthcare and technology expertise has allowed us to augment operational performance, improve business processes and realize sustainable growth.

AgileRules contributes industry-leading solution and technology expertise that drives superior service and value. Our collaborative approach paired with disciplined execution propels our clients to achieve strategic milestones quickly.

The insurance industry is facing slower growth in traditional lines of life insurance, in part from the increasing costs of healthcare insurance, as well as from new opportunities and competition from deregulation. Insurance carriers are looking for ways to streamline legacy business processes such as enrollments, underwriting, claims and customer service while building loyalty with customers and agents and generating cross-selling opportunities.

Technology offers insurance companies an unprecedented opportunity to integrate and extend processes to customers and agents, while reducing costs and increasing loyalty. AgileRules provides agility in insurance solutions in steam lining their processes using BPM and externalizing their rules into BRMS using IBM and RedHat products.

Financial Services is an immensely complex and constantly evolving industry. Emerging business trends and a new competitive landscape are developing on the heels of one of the most difficult economic slowdowns our generation has witnessed. Heightened regulatory requirements and increasing marketplace demands are putting unprecedented strain on IT departments, and Financial Services providers are finding it difficult to keep pace with the growing demands on technology.

AgileRules’s industry expertise combined with our proven delivery capabilities uniquely positions us to provide IT consulting and technology services to the Financial Services industry. By focusing on the business drivers that impact IT departments, AgileRules partners with some of the leading technology providers in the world to deliver business-oriented technology solutions and services across the Financial Services industry.

Hospitality industries especially casinos, hotels and time share companies need for quick promotions and many upsells. These made them realize the need for a more user driven product to manage such changes without having to go to a developer. We provide services that focus on enhancing the customer experience and decrease operational costs—thereby freeing you to focus on more customer-facing tasks. We also help boost customer loyalty by better understanding customer behaviors and attitudes and leveraging social media to create an army of brand advocates.

  Our Partners


AgileRules has built a comprehensive strategic partner network designed to leverage our core competencies,enhance and extend our service offerings and decrease cost and time-to-market for our clients. When the world's leading enterprises need a technology and management consulting company to meet their diverse and complex needs, they turn to AgileRules because of our solid relationships with the world's leading technology innovators.

AgileRules experience across platforms, our achievements and accolades, and our deep partnerships with best-of-breed vendors differentiate us from other consulting firms. We are a highly recognized IBM business partner,Oracle Cloud partner and RedHat middleware partners. Largest and strongest partnerships for AgileRules are because of the result of years of proven performance and close collaboration with enterprise technology giants